Cub Scout Powwow 2005 Links Help
Class Class Name Class Content
1 Advancement & Uniforming This fun class focuses on the importance of advancement and how to insure your Scouts do. Proper uniforming is also covered. Yes, there is a correct way!
2 Belt Loops & Patch Programs Explore the many different Belt Loop & Patch programs available to your Scouts and how fun and easy it is to earn them. Lots of valuable info!
3 Campfire Programs What's an outing without a dynamic campfire program. Come get charged up for your unit's next outing with fun-filled ideas and program helps.
4 Ceremonies You'll never put on a boring ceremony after attending this class. Lot's of info and creative enthusiasm that will surely be remembered by your scouts for years.
5 Crafts on a Budget Join us as we share great scout crafts that don't have to cost you your next paycheck. Many ideas and experiences will be shared with you about crafts.
6 Cubmasters Program It's all about program if you're the Cubmaster or Ass't Cubmaster. Here's where to get more ideas and get pumped up about your upcoming Scouting year.
7 Den Games Be prepared to burn up some energy and have some fun in this class. It's all about having fun, learning skills, good sportsmanship & scouting fellowship.
8 Fundraising A quality program is much easier to plan if the cash is there. Come find out that it's not as difficult to plan and execute a successful fundraiser as you may think.
9 Indian Crafts Scouts love Indian lore & crafts. You'll be creating some Indian items yourself during this energetic session. Learn ways to enhance your next Indian theme.
10 Knots Made Easy Yes, it can be easy. So let our instructors show you how and learn ways to tie the knots yourself and be able to teach your scouts as well. How knots are used too.
11 Campouts & Outings A great class for any level of leadership. "Be Prepared" before your unit heads out on its next outing. The do's & don'ts taught in a fun & inspiring way
12 Mr. Wizard's Science Explore the fast world of science and see demonstrated how much fun your scouts can have while learning some key elementary science projects. Good for all leaders.
13 Outdoor Cooking Nobody can resist good outdoor cooking. You'll not only learn many recipes for great outdoor cooking, but you get to eat some of them as well. Save room for lunch!
14 Pack Planning No better way to insure "The Ideal Year of Scouting" than to properly plan. Come get the tools to make your planning easy and successful. Many great ideas!
15 Programs/Themes w/ PIZZAZZ Don't let the Scout or their parents ever get bored again. Give your programs and theme related activities that PIZZAZZ that will keep them coming back for more.
16 Props & Costumes Nothing makes a theme related activity more fun and memorable than when you use props & costumes. Come learn how to make and use them to your benefit.
17 Roundups & Recruitments Never have membership worry again when you use the right tools and energy. Fantastic ideas on getting more scouts, and, let's not forget, parent volunteers!
18 Songs, Skits & Run-ons You'll never go without them again after this session is over. Come experience the fun and laughter that your scouts will be enjoying for years to come.
19 Tiger Program It all starts here! Join us as we explore a Cub Scout's first experience in Scouting and how a "GRRRREAT" Tiger program can keep them coming back for years
20 Bobcat to Eagle Trail Understanding the goals of the Scouting program and learning how important your role as a leader is to your Cub Scouts is the purpose of this energetic, fact-filled class.
21 Webelos Activity Pins What's a Webelo that's not earning his Activity Pins? Bored! Learn the best ways to help them earn the pins and be motivated to do more. It's all here.
22 Webelos to Boy Scouts The transition from Webelos to Boy Scouts is the topic for this great class. ALL Webelos leaders should take this session so all of your 2nd year Webelos bridge.
23 Tie Slide Fun You'll get "Plastered" in this fun class. Learn how to use plaster of paris and other media to make Tie Slides, a Scouting tradition in itself.